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Playing with the Lobster Elite 3 is so much fun because it can send the ball anywhere on the court! It is a better workout than a person and it is more fun because the machine never tires out!

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Android Remote Control

Android Remote Cotnrol - $300
Grand 20-Function Remote Control - $300
Android Remote Control plus Grand 20-Function Remote Control - $499

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Lobster Sports announces the release of our Android Remote Control app, once again offering the latest in technology for tennis ball machine owners. This proprietary remote control system consists of a factory installed Bluetooth enabled remote control receiver, along with the Android remote control app available for download on your smart phone. Like the iPhone app, the Android remote works with your Elite Grand IV, Elite Grand V, and Elite Grand V Limited Edition portable ball machines, or the Phenom and Phenom 2 electric Club Series machines.

Bluetooth technology allows the user to control nearly all features and functionality of your tennis ball machine such as; play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 2-line, court drills, speed, spin, feed rate, and more.

Once you have received your new Lobster Grand Series or Phenom Series tennis ball machine with the factory installed Bluetooth remote control receiver, the user can go to the Google Play and download the free remote control app. Once downloaded onto your smart phone the user is now ready to operate his tennis ball machine. For customers who seek to utilize the more traditional Grand 20-function Remote Control and the Android Remote Control, you can now have the best of both worlds. Lobster Sports offers a combination package allowing you to use either remote control devices with your tennis ball machine.

For existing customers of the Elite Grand IV, Grand V, and Grand V Limited Edition, Lobster Sports offers the available Android Remote Control factory upgrade. Please contact Lobster Sports at 800-526-4041 to obtain the required Return Authorization.
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Why does a 2-year warranty matter?

Does the 2 Year Warranty Really Matter?

Why would one company offer a two-year warranty and another company offer a 1 year warranty? Lobster has so much confidence in its products that it can afford to offer a 2 year warranty. Ask yourself why our competition doesn't have equal confidence in the durability of its products.

When comparing purchase prices between machines, you should consider the two year warranty carefully. The cost of ownership will quickly rise if the machine breaks down soon after the warranty expires. Imagine owning a machine for 14 months, it malfunctions and now you are out $50 to ship it to the factory at least $100-$200 to fix it and $50 to ship it home. A $300 repair bill might make you think twice about the true cost of purchasing that 1 year warranty machine.

Finally, consider that Lobster Sports, Inc has been in business for 39 years – that means we were in business for 20 years before our competition even considered opening its doors. Quality isn't some new found commitment, it is part of who we are and have been for generations. When you buy a Lobster ball machine, you purchase peace of mind because you know you have bought a product built for life.

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