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Playing with the Lobster Elite 3 is so much fun because it can send the ball anywhere on the court! It is a better workout than a person and it is more fun because the machine never tires out!

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Play More Win More™ with an Elite Ball Machine

Elite Ball Machine Replacement Parts

Part Number Item Description Price  
EL41 Control Panel Assembly EL01 $199.00
EL42 Control Panel Assembly EL02 $199.00
EL43 Control Panel Assembly EL03 $199.00
EL44 Control Panel Assembly - EL04 $499.00
E870 Feed Gear Motor $79.00
E881 Battery 12 VDC $75.00
E586 Wire Deflector $3.00
E581 Ball Hopper $55.00
E578 2 button Key Fob (Elite 1-3 model only) $105.00
E219 Power Switch $3.00
E215 Sweep, Remote, Vert/Horizontal Switch $2.00
E269 Ball Detect Switch (Elite 3 only) $11.00
E277 Control Panel Knobs (Elite model 1-3 only) $2.00
E505 Transport Wheel $15.00
EAH1 Complete Folding Handle Assembly (Elite Series) $70.00
E882 Battery 12 VDC (For Elite Freedom Model Only) $50.00
EAF3 Rubber Foot $3.00
EASW1 Server Wheel Assembly (Elite Freedom through Elite 3 Model only) $54.00
EASW2 Server Wheel Assembly (Elite Grand IV, V, and V-LE, Phenom 1 & 2 only) $54.00
E872 Server Motor $60.00
E872.A Server Motor (Elite Freedom model only) $60.00
E871 Elite Series Sweep/ Elevation Motor $55.00
EAS1 Grand Series Sweep/ Elevation Motor $68.00
EAHB1 Elite Folding Handle Brackets $36.00
EAH2 Complete Folding Handle Assembly (Grand Series) $70.00
EAHB2 Grand Folding Handle Brackets $44.00
E406 Single Button Connector (for Handles) $2.00
E579 Elite Remote Receiver (2-function) $64.00
E583.1 15 button remote controller (Grand/Phenom Series only) $171.00
E583.2 Grand Remote Receiver (20-function) $129.00
EL40 Control Panel Assembly EL0A $175.00
E260 Basic Charger Connection Jack $6.00
E528 Yoke Snap In Pointer $4.00
EAIW Index/ Feed Wheel (portable machines only) $27.00
E524 Round Gear for Motors $9.00
E523 Arc Gear for Platform and Yoke $15.00
E363 Platform Shoulder Bolt Screw (Elite Series only) $1.50
E561 Grand Wire Harness with Sensor $100.00
E821 1/4" Cylinder Magnet for Grand Model Machines. $0.80
E464 Case Screw Large $0.50
E451 Control Panel Screw $0.20
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Why does a 2-year warranty matter?

Does the 2 Year Warranty Really Matter?

Why would one company offer a two-year warranty and another company offer a 1 year warranty? Lobster has so much confidence in its products that it can afford to offer a 2 year warranty. Ask yourself why our competition doesn't have equal confidence in the durability of its products.

When comparing purchase prices between machines, you should consider the two year warranty carefully. The cost of ownership will quickly rise if the machine breaks down soon after the warranty expires. Imagine owning a machine for 14 months, it malfunctions and now you are out $50 to ship it to the factory at least $100-$200 to fix it and $50 to ship it home. A $300 repair bill might make you think twice about the true cost of purchasing that 1 year warranty machine.

Finally, consider that Lobster Sports, Inc has been in business for 39 years – that means we were in business for 20 years before our competition even considered opening its doors. Quality isn't some new found commitment, it is part of who we are and have been for generations. When you buy a Lobster ball machine, you purchase peace of mind because you know you have bought a product built for life.

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