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Playing with the Lobster Elite 3 is so much fun because it can send the ball anywhere on the court! It is a better workout than a person and it is more fun because the machine never tires out!

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Play More Win More™ with an Elite Ball Machine

About Us

Lobster Sports Founder in 1970

Our Company Story

In 1970, Harry Giuditta, a retired bank president, bought Green Brook Developing Company, a bankrupt manufacturer of poor quality tennis ball machines. Harry then did a remarkable thing. He recalled every ball machine ever built, redesigned and repaired each one, and then redelivered them to each customer free of charge.

Harry understood good business is when all sides win. Investing in creating satisfied customers, content employees, and pleased vendors leads to receiving the best of reputations.

Forty five years later, Harry's legacy continues through his family.

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By believing in always operating with integrity and providing outstanding customer satisfaction, Lobster Sports has transformed into a company synonymous with quality and innovation.

Lobster Sports caters to your level of play with six different tennis ball machine models to choose from. Which one is right for you?

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Questions? Feel free to call our onsite knowledgeable customer service staff.

Our Mission Statement

Lobster Sports, Inc. seeks to enrich the lives of our customers through our unparalleled quality sports equipment products and services. We show our care and concern for people by fulfilling our customer's expectations and needs. This is revealed through our core values commitment to operating with honesty, integrity, discipline, vision, respect, and passion.

Our Internal Core Values

  • We embody integrity, honesty, discipline, vision, respect and passion in all we do.
  • We strive to constantly improve our products and services.
  • We listen carefully to our customers, in order to understand their needs.
  • Loyal repeat customers frame our success.
  • Our customers value quality and great service over price alone.
  • We blaze our own trail.
  • Our most valuable asset is our employees.
  • We foster an atmosphere of personal and professional growth.
  • We build lasting relationships, enjoy our work, make money, and have fun!
  • We never compromise customer or employee safety.
  • We are proactive.
  • Our corner of the world is a better place because we enriched the lives of our colleagues, customers, vendors and community.

Dedicated Customer Focus

At Lobster Sports, we believe it is your right as our customer to enjoy interacting with our company, while benefiting from products that last, are fun to use, and improve your health. To create that ease of interaction, we commit to providing you the following.

  • Knowledgeable personnel highly trained in customer service, our products, our competition's products, and the sporting goods industry to answer your questions.
  • A needs analysis regarding your expectations from a tennis ball machine.
  • A recommendation that will best suit your requirements based on your needs. If our products do not fit, we will recommend a competitor's product that may do so.
  • A confirmation number and an estimated day of delivery upon completion of your order.
  • A quality warranty guarantee that your product has passed a 10-pt quality test before it is shipped from our factories.
  • A follow-up call 10 days after your order to confirm your receipt of our product and to confirm your 100% satisfaction with Lobster Sports.

Charitable Causes

We at Lobster Sports believe that tennis can be compassionate as well as competitive. It is our moral obligation to give our support to worthy charities that help those less fortunate.

Three in particular that we whole-heartedly support and take part in are:

  • Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club, which focuses on providing kids a safe place to go after school as well as a place to develop athletic skills.

    Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club Logo

  • Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic, which raises money to fight drug abuse and child neglect in Florida.

    Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic

  • Swingtime -pro celebrity pro-am tennis tournament to support the Tim and Tom Gullikson Foundation, whose mission is to assist brain-tumor patients and their families in managing the physical, emotional and social challenges presented by the illness.

    Tim and Tom Gullikson Foundation

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Tennis Ball Machine Tutorials

Why does a 2-year warranty matter?

Does the 2 Year Warranty Really Matter?

Why would one company offer a two-year warranty and another company offer a 1 year warranty? Lobster has so much confidence in its products that it can afford to offer a 2 year warranty. Ask yourself why our competition doesn't have equal confidence in the durability of its products.

When comparing purchase prices between machines, you should consider the two year warranty carefully. The cost of ownership will quickly rise if the machine breaks down soon after the warranty expires. Imagine owning a machine for 14 months, it malfunctions and now you are out $50 to ship it to the factory at least $100-$200 to fix it and $50 to ship it home. A $300 repair bill might make you think twice about the true cost of purchasing that 1 year warranty machine.

Finally, consider that Lobster Sports, Inc has been in business for 39 years – that means we were in business for 20 years before our competition even considered opening its doors. Quality isn't some new found commitment, it is part of who we are and have been for generations. When you buy a Lobster ball machine, you purchase peace of mind because you know you have bought a product built for life.

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