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Playing with the Lobster Elite 3 is so much fun because it can send the ball anywhere on the court! It is a better workout than a person and it is more fun because the machine never tires out!

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Electric Tennis Ball Machine Models

The Lobster Sports electric-powered tennis ball machines are extremely suited for clubs, schools, and camps where a true workhorse is needed. Or, if you have access to a court with electricity and don't need some of the advanced features found on the Lobster Sports Elite battery-operated line, you can play against an electric Lobster Sports tennis ball machine without being restricted by battery capacity.

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Our Ball Bucket model use pneumatics to deliver the same shots repeatedly with no loss in consistency. Our electric ball machines are significantly lighter than our competitors to make them truly portable; something the commercial ball machines can't do. And you can easily repair and replace parts yourself that become worn out due to such extended play.

In addition to running off 120 volts or optionally 240 volts, the electric ball machines can also be run off a 1200-1400 watt generator. Additional optional features include a spin adapter and heavy duty, lined vinyl storage cover that protects from the elements, dust, and moisture.

Worried about noise? The inside sound generated by a Lobster Sports electric tennis ball machine is comparable to a vacuum cleaner. Actually, this noise can serve as a great audio cue to help you anticipate the next shot.

Ball Bucket
Model 201

Random; Horizontal

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Lobster Sports Electric Tennis Ball Machines Provide You Feature-Rich Benefits

Imagine hitting 750 balls during the course of an hour. That workout will Improve Your Fitness Level and your overall conditioning, strengthen your footwork, and improve your game significantly. You'll have the time of your life while taking your skill set to the next level! That's a key philosophy of Lobster Sports and why we are in the business of selling tennis ball machines.

For some players, the Lobster Sports electric-operated line is the perfect choice due to the following benefit-rich features.

  • Easy to Transport: The Ball Bucket is light enough to carry at 28 pounds, and Tournament Model transport over all surfaces, including stairs, gravel, and grass, without easily tipping over. Compare our 6-inch wheels to 1-inch castors offered elsewhere.
  • Fastest and slowest speed: The Tournament Model deliver up to 70 miles per hour, and the small but mighty Ball Bucket can deliver at 60 miles per hour. All three models speeds can be reduced to as little as 15 mph. Other machines offer a minimum 30 mph, which is totally unsuitable for the smallest family members and beginners.
  • 80 degree lobs: Our powerful overhead lobs are twice as high as other ball machines. Professionals skilled at lobs dominate the court. Master this little-practiced stroke.
  • Corner-to-corner oscillation: The Ball Bucket provide random horizontal oscillation to improve both forehands and backhands. The Tournament Model adds increased foot agility and anticipation skills by offering random vertical and horizontal oscillation.
  • Heavy spin: Add an optional spin adaptor to create a top spin and back spin. Mastery of top and back spins is what separates the average player from a champion!
  • On-off remote: Adjust your workout using an optional on/off remote.

Electric Models Feature Comparison Chart

Compare features of our three electric models to determine which best meets your needs. These models have proven their investment value due to the longevity of their sales. Clicking on any of the pictures will take you to that individual product page for information and purchasing.

Ball Bucket
Model 201

Year First Manufactured 1980
Oscillation Random; Horizontal
Speed 15-60 miles per hour
Ball Capacity 50
Adjustable Feed Rate 3, 6, 12 seconds
Power 120 Volts AC
240 Volts Optional
Manual Elevation 0-80 degrees
Weight 28 poundsd
Price Without Options $549
Optional Spin Adapter $50
Optional Wireless Remote $70
Optional Storage Cover $49
Warranty 2 years

Ball Bucket
Model 201

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