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Advanced Tennis Ball Machine Bundle

Advanced Tennis Ball Machine Bundle

For serious tennis players seeking top-notch training equipment, the Advanced Tennis Player Bundle offers unparalleled performance and precision. This premium package includes the Elite Grand Five LE Tennis Ball Machine, a case of Lobster branded tennis balls, and a Lobster ball basket – everything you need to elevate your game.

What's Included:

elite grand five le tennis ball machine with 20-function remote: loaded with advanced features including fully programmable drills, 18-shot locations, and random oscillation to simulate real match play scenarios. Adjust ball speed up to 80 mph, spin, feed rate, and elevation to tailor each session to your specific training needs.

Lobster micro x tennis balls: These high-performance tennis balls are designed to provide consistent bounce and durability, perfect for rigorous training sessions. Show your Lobster pride with these branded balls, ensuring professional quality and reliability.  Qty 72.

Lobster Ball Basket: The durable ball basket holds up to 85 balls, making it easy to keep your practice area organized and efficient. With a lightweight design and sturdy construction, the ball basket is easy to carry, allowing you to quickly set up and start your training.

Why Choose the Advanced Tennis Player Bundle?

  • Professional Training: The elite grand five le offers the sophisticated features needed for advanced training, helping you refine your skills and strategy.
  • Comprehensive Equipment: This bundle provides everything an advanced player needs, from high-quality balls to efficient ball storage, ensuring seamless practice sessions.
  • Enhanced Performance: With the ability to simulate match conditions and customize drills, this package supports intensive training and skill development.

Whether you're preparing for a tournament or looking to maintain peak performance, the Advanced Tennis Player Bundle equips you with the best tools to achieve your goals. Order now and experience the ultimate in tennis training excellence.

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