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Part Number Item Description Price
E821 1/4" Cylinder Magnet for grand Model Machines $0.80
E280 12A Reset Switch $5.00
E583.1 20-function remote controller $171.00
E583.2 20-function remote receiver $129.00
E523 Arc Gear for Platform and Yoke $15.00
E269 Ball Detect Switch (elite 3 only) $11.00
E581 Ball Hopper $55.00
E260 Basic Charger Connection Jack $10.00
E881 Battery 12 VDC $85.00
E882 Battery 12 VDC (For elite freedom, elite liberty, the pickle only) $60.00
E464 Case Screw Large $0.50
EAH2 Complete Folding Handle Assembly (grand Series) $70.00
EL44 Control Panel Assembly - EL04 $499.00
EL45 Control Panel Assembly - EL05 $499.00
EL41 Control Panel Assembly EL01 $199.00
EL42 Control Panel Assembly EL02 $199.00
EL43 Control Panel Assembly EL03 $199.00
EL40 Control Panel Assembly EL0A $175.00
E277 Control Panel Knobs (elite model 1-3 only) $2.00
E451 Control Panel Screw $0.20
E276 elevation switch $3.00
ELU 4-5. Elite 4 Grand Upgrade Model 4 to 5 $599.00
ELU 4-5LE. Elite 4 Grand Upgrade Model 4 to 5LE $699.00
ELU5-5LE Elite 5 Grand Upgrade Model 5 to 5LE $599.00
E578 elite remote key fob $105.00
E579 Elite Remote Receiver (2-function) $64.00
E871 elite series Sweep/Elevation Motor $60.00
E652.1 elite10 remote controller $171.00
E870 Feed Gear Motor $110.00
EAHB2 grand Folding Handle Brackets $44.00
EAS1 grand series Sweep/Elevation Motor $68.00
E561 grand Wire Harness with Sensor $100.00
EAIW Index/ Feed Wheel (portable machines only) $27.00
E363 Platform Shoulder Bolt Screw (elite Series only) $1.50
E219 Power Switch $3.00
E524 Round Gear for Motors w/Pin $9.50
EAF3 rubber foot $3.00
E872 Server Motor $69.00
E872.A Server Motor (elite freedom model only) $60.00
EASW1 Server Wheel (elite freedom through elite 3 Model only) $65.00
EASW2 Server Wheel (elite grand four, five, and five le, phenom & phenom two only) $65.00
E406 Single Button Connector (for Handles) $2.00
E215 Sweep, Remote, Vert/Horizontal Switch $2.00
E505 Transport Wheel $15.00
E508.A upgrade from elite to grand handle $67.00
E586 Wire Deflector $3.00
E886 XLR Charger Socket $15.00
E528 Yoke Snap In Pointer $4.00