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lobster micro x balls (1 bag = 72 balls)

lobster micro x balls

For our Lobster family and Lobster fans, get the same great Micro X ball branded with the Lobster logo!

Why micro x balls?

Lobster Sports highly recommends the use of Tretorn’s Micro X tennis balls since standard tennis balls become soft and lose their pressure quickly. Neither pressurized nor pressureless, the Micro X balls simulate the performance of pressurized balls while keeping the lifetime of pressureless balls.

With patented technology, Tretorn Micro X tennis balls are the original high-performance micro cell ball — powered by 700 million air-filled micro cells for improved playability. The exclusive high visibility flex-felt provides the best core dynamics and durability. Due to its construction, the Tretorn Micro X ball is well suited for play in colder climates, at high altitude and ideal for all court surfaces, including lower bouncing surfaces. The Tretorn Micro-X balls are recognized worldwide as the superior tennis balls available today for use with tennis ball machines.