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Playing with the Lobster Elite 3 is so much fun because it can send the ball anywhere on the court! It is a better workout than a person and it is more fun because the machine never tires out!

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    Transform Your Game with a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine.

    Many tennis pros attribute a great deal of their success directly to the time they spent practicing with a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine. Whether you're a novice, a junior champ, a weekend warrior, or on the professional circuit, your game will transform with a Lobster Sports Tennis Machine. Our commitment to Built for Life ensures the delivery of innovative and durable tennis ball machines that will not only stand the test of time, but make you look and feel great whenever you practice.

    We offer three lines of ball machines Elite Series, the Grand Series (both battery operated) and the Phenom Series, our electric powered ball machines.

    The Lobster Sports Grand Series models are a revolution in tennis ball machine technology. These models have transformed the industry, bringing never before seen features to the portable tennis ball machine market

    • Programmability: The Grand V and Grand V LE allow you to program your own custom drills and store the speed, spin, feed rate, and location for each individual shot. The Grand V has 6 programmable locations, while the Grand LE has an incredible 18 shot locations to program.
    • Incredible 18 shot programmable control panel: With the Elite Grand V LE you can customize your own court drills - up to 18 shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate too.

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    • Pre-Programmed Drills: Preparing you to play the competition, the Grand IV is equipped with six pre-programmed six shot drills simulating the most popular styles of play, while the Grand V and the Grand V LE portable ball machines include six additional drills for maximum performance development.
    • Fully Random: The Grand IV, Grand V, and Grand V LE provide unrivalled match play simulation by incorporating full random oscillation, which mixes up the speed, the spin, and the location for infinite variations.
    • True corner-to-corner oscillation: The Elite 2 with its unsurpassed triple-oscillation, will keep you on the move as balls are thrown throughout the entire court. The Elite 3 adds a two-line setting for unequalled match play incorporating varying depths while practicing forehands, backhands, lobs, and volleys. A built-in indicator ensures balls actually hit the corners, simulating true match play.
    • Fastest and slowest speed: Elites can deliver at 80 miles per hour (that's 10-15% faster than the competition) or be reduced to as little as 20 mph. Other machines top out at 65 mph and offer a minimum speed, which may be unsuitable for the smallest family members and beginners. See how the economical Elite Freedom and Elite 1 base model delivers the ball compared to the competition.
    • Heaviest spin: A top spin designed to bounce to a string-breaking shoulder-height and a slice that'll challenge you like a touring pro. Mastery of top and back spins is what separates the average player from a champion!
    • 50 and 60 degree lobs: Our powerful overhead lobs are twice as high as other ball machines that typically are 30 degrees or less. Professionals skilled at lobs dominate the court. Master this little-practiced stroke.
    • Six spot random sweep: Be challenged by a sweep that strikes an unparalleled random six spots on the court. Many competitors' ball machines are limited to three or four spots.
    • Extreme portability: Our Elite models transport over all surfaces, including stairs, gravel, and grass, without easily tipping over. Compare our 8-inch wheels to our competitor's 1-inch castors or machines that must be placed on their sides to roll, as well as our ergonomically designed 3-foot handle to their 6-inch handles. Easily manage our 42-44 pounds machines that fit easily in the trunk, making it a single trip from the car to the court.
    • Single long-life large battery: The competition's 2 smaller batteries can't match our 4 ½-hour to 8-hour play time before recharging. The Elite won't quit before you're ready to stop!
    • Unique ball capacity viewer: A ball capacity viewer enables you to see, from your side of the net, when to reload the hopper. This is a feature unique to Lobster Sports Elite tennis ball machines.
    • Reversible hopper: Reverse the hopper to cover the Elite for easy storage or to enable you to transport it in your car.
    • Multi-function wireless remote: The Elite Grand IV and Grand V have an optional 20-function wireless remote that allows you to enjoy instantaneous changes in functionality like; play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 3-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more.
    • Two-function wireless remote: With the Elite 1, Elite 2, & Elite 3 you can control both the feed and the sweep using an optional two-function wireless remote, available with initial purchase as well as an upgrade at any time.

    Can't wait to improve your game? Choose which Lobster Sports Elite Tennis Ball Machine to take to the court in as little as 2 days, due to our Next Day Shipping advantage. Call 800-210-5992 to order a Lobster Sports Elite tennis ball machine to be shipped to you today!

    If it's an electric tennis machine that you need for your club, school, or camp or you're interested in knowing more about electric-powered ball machines, we have the appropriate machine to meet your needs.

    The benefits of practicing with a Lobster Sports Elite tennis ball machine are many!

    • Spend valuable court time playing against an unrelenting professional workout partner who never misses, never tires, and is always available.
    • Enjoy a fun fitness workout with family and friends of all ages and playing abilities.
    • Drill specific shots and techniques to improve your game. This achieves muscle memory in order to automatically react, shaving precious seconds off a delayed response. This is how to truly get into a groove!
    • Enhance practice using triple oscillation; a feature normally available only on commercial ball machines at a much higher price. The Elite 2 and Elite 3 triple oscillation feature helps develop footwork, anticipation skills, and reaction times, as it drills all tennis strokes throughout the entire court.
    • Make a wise investment in proven quality and durability from a company manufacturing the best ball machines on the market since 1970.
    • Use your Lobster ball machine as a pitching machine for baseball and football, as well as improve your hand-eye coordination and goal tending skills for lacrosse and field hockey.

    Reasons to purchase a tennis ball machine from Lobster Sports

    Since 1970, we've listened to our customers and monitored changes to the sport of tennis to become the best tennis ball machine maker in the world. You benefit from using a highly durable tennis ball machine that lets you choose to work on specific shots or to engage in true match play against an unrelenting professional opponent.

    Buy from Lobster Sports knowing that each machine has passed a ten-point quality test before being packaged carefully for Next Day Shipping. We back that guarantee with our Durability and Dependability Warranty.

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    Why does a 2-year warranty matter?

    Does the 2 Year Warranty Really Matter?

    Why would one company offer a two-year warranty and another company offer a 1 year warranty? Lobster has so much confidence in its products that it can afford to offer a 2 year warranty. Ask yourself why our competition doesn't have equal confidence in the durability of its products.

    When comparing purchase prices between machines, you should consider the two year warranty carefully. The cost of ownership will quickly rise if the machine breaks down soon after the warranty expires. Imagine owning a machine for 14 months, it malfunctions and now you are out $50 to ship it to the factory at least $100-$200 to fix it and $50 to ship it home. A $300 repair bill might make you think twice about the true cost of purchasing that 1 year warranty machine.

    Finally, consider that Lobster Sports, Inc has been in business for 39 years – that means we were in business for 20 years before our competition even considered opening its doors. Quality isn't some new found commitment, it is part of who we are and have been for generations. When you buy a Lobster ball machine, you purchase peace of mind because you know you have bought a product built for life.

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