• Elite

    • Simple to use
    • Beginner to intermediate players
    • Excellent for families
    • Adjust ball speed, spin, feed rate and elevation
    • Multiple battery or electric power options
    • Triple oscillation (elite two and three)
  • Elite Grand

    • All-digital with LCD screen
    • Best for competitive players
    • All the features of the elite line plus pre-loaded drills, customizable drills, and expanded 2-line options
    • Fully random mode that throws balls throughout the entire court
    • Battery-powered
  • Phenom

    • Electric-powered
    • Ideal for teams, clubs, and home courts
    • Same advanced digital options of the grand machines but holds 100 more balls
    • Higher ball launch point simulates a standard ground stroke

Elite Machines

Elite Grand Machines

Phenom Machines