Lobster Sports has specialized in ball machines since 1971. The company was founded in Green Brook, NJ when Harry Giuditta, a retired bank president, bought Green Brook Developing Company, a bankrupt manufacturer of poor-quality tennis ball machines. The first thing Harry did was recall every machine the company had ever built. He then redesigned and repaired them and sent them back to customers free of charge. Harry’s commitment to satisfied customers and to the performance of the product has continued with the company ever since.

In early 1998, Harry’s grandson, Tony, and his wife, Leilani, took over Lobster Sports and in 2001 moved its headquarters to Los Angeles. This gave them access to technology and vendors that allowed them to transform the company into one of the largest sellers of ball machines in the world. Tony and Leilani made significant investments in product design, technological enhancements and manufacturing techniques that have made the Lobster brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer service.

Lobster Sports now offers nine tennis ball machines and three pickleball machines. The company has tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Lobster’s design is sleek, attractive, and uniquely portable. This combination, along with the company’s 50 years of mastery at throwing balls, is why so many people choose a Lobster machine over any other brand.

In June of 2022 Lobster Sports was acquired by Har-Tru, the world’s largest and most complete supplier of tennis court surfaces, maintenance equipment and court accessories. Har-Tru is excited to continue to build on Lobster’s legacy as a tennis and pickleball specialist, providing highest quality, technologically advanced machines for tennis and pickleball players of all levels.