Why buy an elite battery machine?
If you don't have access to electricity, the Lobster elite is a perfect choice. The elite is the only battery ball machine that lives up to your expectations of durability. Every moment spent with the machine will improve your fitness level; it will develop your overall conditioning, strengthen your footwork, and improve your health significantly. You'll have the time of your life while taking your game to never before seen levels.

The elite’s standard battery provides the player with 4-8 hours of court time, while its ergonomically designed handle and oversized wheels allow for easy transportation with a full hopper over any surface, even steps. Also, the elite’s 80 mph groundstrokes, full corner-to-corner random oscillation, unrivaled, sky-high lobs and heavy topspin and backspin will test very good players to beginners alike.

What is Random Horizontal Oscillation?
This is a motorized movement allowing the machine to rotate back and forth horizontally, allowing the machine to throw balls to the forehand, backhand, and center positions in a random pattern. This is also commonly referred to as “sweep” amongst the tennis community.

What is Random Vertical Oscillation?
This is a motorized movement allowing the throwing mechanics to move up and down vertically, allowing the machine to throw balls at random depths within the court.

What is Triple-Oscillation?
This motorized movement reflects the machine’s ability to provide random horizontal oscillation and random vertical oscillation in combination or simultaneously. This allows the machine to throw balls randomly throughout the entire spectrum of the singles court, from left-to-right and short-to-deep in a random pattern.

What is 2-Line Oscillation?
This motorized movement is another form of horizontal oscillation, but non-random. The machine will oscillate back and forth horizontally, throwing one ball to the forehand side followed by one ball to the backhand side in alternation. This alternation of shots can be selected at different widths determining the amount of foot work necessary to return each alternating shot.

What is the Fully Random mode?
This mode of operation allows for all shot elements; ball location, ball speed, ball spin, and ball feed rate to be selected randomly by the computerized software within the machine. This is the ultimate form of player or match simulation as each ball being thrown by the machine will be to a different location, with different ball speeds, ball spins, and at a different feed rate as well.

What are Pre-Loaded Court Drills?
A court drill, also referred to as a sequential shot pattern, is a series of shots to a specific location with specific ball speeds and ball spin settings. These court drills are design to simulate either a specific style of player or to practice certain aspects of the game like court strategy and court placement.

What are Custom Court Drills?
This refers to machines that allow you to program and store in the machine, your own custom court drills or sequential shot patterns. You can select the specific ball location, ball speed, ball spin, and ball feed rate for each and every ball or shot within the Custom Court Drill created.

Can the machines throw volleys and lobs or only groundstrokes?
All model machines are equipped with an elevation or trajectory adjustment allowing the player or user to make adjustment to the height over the net they desire. All model machines will elevate up to a 50-60-degrees for dramatic overhead lobs.

I am thinking about buying an elite series machine. What are the differences, and do you have a tennis ball machine comparison chart?

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I am thinking about buying an elite grand machine what are the differences?

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What battery charger does the machines come with?
The elite liberty, elite one, elite two, elite three models, elite grand four, elite grand five, elite grand five le, the pickle two and the pickle by lobster all come with a standard charger. 

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Does my machine come with a remote?
All Lobster ball machines come with a remote control. 

    What does my machine come with?
    Each Lobster ball machine comes with a standard charger and remote control. Included in the box will also be an owner’s manual, quick start guide, and elevation guide.

    Can the machine easily fit in my car or truck?
    Our elite series, elite grand series, and pickleball machines are portable. They will fit in almost any trunk. Sports cars or smart cars are the only models we have seen with smaller trunks and the machine normally drives as a passenger instead of in the trunk.

    How long does the machine run on a single battery charge?
    Depending on the model machine and the size of its internal battery, you can expect the machine to run 3-6 hours depending on model and performance level settings.

    How long does the battery last until it needs to be replaced?
    In general, most players will experience about 3-4 years of battery life before replacement is necessary. Lobster Sports recommends the battery be fully recharged after each practice session. During the off-season or when the machine is not being used for an extended period of time, we recommend the battery be charged once a month to keep it fresh.

    How long does it take to recharge the battery?
    Depending on which size battery is in your machine, the amount of charge in the battery at the time of recharge, and which battery charger of ours you are using, you can expect anywhere from as quickly as 2-3 hours and as long as 16-18 hours. 

    What kind of tennis balls can I use with my Lobster?
    The player can select any type of ITF approved tennis ball of choice. The machines are not designed to work with any specific type, brand or model tennis ball. However, pressureless, also referred to as permanent pressure, tennis balls are recommended. This is due to pressureless balls not utilizing internal air- pressure within the core of the ball to maintain its bound and playability, resulting in greater longevity and more consistent balls being used with the machine. For children, both orange and green dot balls can be used in the machines, but not red dot balls, as they are oversized and do not fit into the machines. See court equipment page

    Can I trade in my old tennis ball machine?
    Lobster Sports will take any brand or model tennis ball machine as trade-in, and you will receive a 15% discount off of the retail price of any new Lobster. You will not have to ship your old machine into Lobster. Instead, we will ask you to decommission your old machine. See upgrades and trade-ins page

    Can I upgrade my machine to a model with more features?
    Any elite one or elite two model machine can be upgraded to an elite two or elite three model. This requires the machine to be shipped to the factory for the upgrade. Any elite grand four or elite grand five can be upgraded to an elite grand five or elite grand five limited edition model. This upgrade can be done by the customer with the purchase and installation of the upgraded control panel assembly. See upgrades and trade-ins page

    I live outside the US, where can I purchase a Lobster tennis ball machine?
    Lobster Sports has a complete network of international distributors and dealers in more than 40 foreign countries. All authorized distributors and dealers offer our complete product line, along with providing after sales support and product warranty service. If there is not an authorized dealer in your country, please contact Lobster Sports for more information. See our list of International Premier Dealers