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The pickle phenom® by Lobster is the latest addition to Lobster Sports’ line of pickleball machines.  Unlike the existing portable pickleball machines offered, the pickle phenom is a robust electric commercial-grade machine designed for clubs, pickleball facilities, universities, and homecourt owners seeking maximum performance and usage requirements.  This machine comes with either our grand 20-function remote, grand 20-function wifi remote control for Apple or a 20-function remote + 20-function wifi Apple remote combo.


The pickle phenom is a digital machine that derives its shot information from programmed software, a technology first introduced in the marketplace by Lobster Sports. This cutting-edge technology allows the pickle phenom to simulate unsurpassed match play. In its Fully Random mode the machine can throw balls to different locations throughout the court while randomly mixing ball speeds, ball spins, elevations, angles, and ball feed rates taking simulation of match play to a whole new level.

Need a machine with drills? The pickle phenom has got you covered there as well. The machine comes equipped with six pre-loaded drills or sequential shot patterns created by top professional pickleballers. Prepare to take on the most challenging players with: Around the Clock, Defuse the Banger, Drive the Kitchen, Flying Erne, Green Light - Red Light, and Stop-Drop-and Lob.

The pickle phenom throws ball from 20-65 mph and offers adjustable topspin and backspin like no other machine in its class. The large ball hopper holds nearly 200 balls and can be used with either indoor or outdoor pickleballs. .

The pickle phenom commercial pickleball machine also offers a 2-line oscillation feature allowing balls to be thrown alternatively to two locations, one ball to the forehand side followed by one ball to the backhand side. You can select either a narrow or wide setting within the 2-line oscillation feature to determine the distance between each alternating shot. This is an extremely popular feature for drilling your forehand and backhand shots or for doubles training. Need to practice a particular shot repeatedly? No problem. The pickle phenom in its manual mode of operation allows you to reproduce virtually any type of shot for repetitive practice, from dinks to drives, turning a weakness in your game into complete domination.

Because of their size, the pickle phenom ships in two pieces and some minor assembly is required.

The pickle phenom is made in the USA and is covered by Lobster’s 2 year warranty.


Custom Drills: none

Pre-loaded drills: Around the Clock, Defuse the Banger, Drive the Kitchen, Flying Erne, Green Light – Red Light, and Stop-Drop-and Lob

Oscillation: random horizontal (short, mid, deep); random vertical (left, middle, right), 2-line (narrow, medium & wide) fully random with random speed, spin, feed rate

2-line function: narrow, wide

Spin: top, back

Ball Speed: 20-65 mph

Feed rate: 2-9 seconds

Elevation: 0-50 degrees, electronic

Ball capacity: 185

Power: ac (electric)

Court Time: unlimited (a/c powered)

Standard charger: n/a

Remote: included

Premium charger: n/a

Weight: 99 pounds

Warranty: 2 years

Product #: EC0P

pickle phenom®

pickle phenom®

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