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Lobster Sports is thrilled to present the new Lobster Padel portable ball machine, designed for the world's fastest-growing sport. As Padel gains momentum globally, this advanced machine is tailored to help players enhance their skills and master the game. Featuring an elite 2-function remote control, the Lobster Padel ball machine offers unmatched convenience and versatility, making it the perfect training companion for Padel enthusiasts at all levels. Experience the cutting-edge innovation of Lobster Sports and take your Padel game to new heights.


The Lobster Padel machine is perfect for honing the depth, placement, and underspin of your volleys. Use the lob settings to improve your up-and-back mobility and challenge yourself by targeting different spins toward various segments of the back and side walls, keeping your opponents guessing. Build confidence in your drive returns, fine-tune your lobs and lob volleys, and master advanced shots like bandejas and chiquitas. With its intuitive design and controls, the Padel machine adapts to meet your specific training needs.

Equipped with an extensive battery, the Lobster Padel machine provides 4-6 hours of court time. The random oscillation feature, when engaged, delivers balls to the forehand, backhand, and center positions in a random pattern, simulating a real opponent. This feature is ideal for practicing shots out of the corner and off the back wall. For unlimited play, you can connect the optional electric power pack to the machine and an electrical outlet, allowing it to run on electric power.

Take your Padel game to the next level with the Lobster Padel machine and experience unparalleled training versatility.

The Lobster Padel is made in the USA and is covered by Lobster’s 2 year warranty.


Custom Drills: none

Pre-loaded drills: none

Oscillation: random horizontal

2-line function: none

Spin: top and under

Ball Speed: 10-80 mph

Feed rate: 2-12 seconds

Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees

Ball capacity: 150

Power: battery

Court Time: 4-6 hours

Standard charger: included

Remote: included

Premium charger: optional

Weight: 42 lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Product #: EL0PD

Lobster Sports

Lobster Padel Ball Machine

Lobster Padel Ball Machine

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