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The pickle by Lobster is a full-featured pickleball machine that outperforms all others on the market. Our pickleball machine throws balls up to 60 mph and offers both heavy top and backspin.  This machine comes with our elite 2-function remote control.


The large hopper holds an impressive 125 pickle balls and the pickle by Lobster can challenge you for up to 4 hours per charge, allowing you to master shots like the dink, drive, lob, and groundstrokes—taking your game to the next level.

For a great workout, the random oscillation will make you focus on your footwork, while the sky-high lob capability will keep you on your toes, improving any weak area of your game.

At only 35 pounds, the pickle by Lobster’s smart design features an inverting hopper, folding handle, and large 8-inch wheels, which make it easy to get the pickle in and out of your car, over curbs, and across any surface to the court.

Optional accessories include our premium charger to shorten your charging time and the Lobster elite remote to control your machine from across the court.

The pickle by Lobster is made in the USA and is covered by Lobster’s 2 year warranty. This pickleball machine works with indoor and outdoor pickle balls.


Custom Drills: none

Pre-loaded drills: none

Oscillation: random horizontal

2-line function: none

Spin: top, back

Ball Speed: 10-60 mph

Feed rate: 2-12 seconds

Elevation: manual, 0-50 degrees

Ball capacity: 125

Power: battery

Court Time: 2-4 hours

Standard charger: included

Remote: included

Premium charger: optional

Weight: 35 lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Product #: EL0P

the pickle by Lobster

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the pickle by Lobster

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Bruce M.
United States United States

Drilling with a Lobster

I’ve only been out with my Lobster twice in the first week of receiving it. It’s a game changer for me. I really enjoy practicing and this machine adds immeasurable enjoyment and possibilities to the process. To be able to hit hundreds and hundreds of shots without wearing someone out is priceless. Getting the remote control is a must. I love this so far and am searching videos for the most productive uses for the Lobster.

United States United States

Awesome tool

If you don’t improve your game it’s your own fault. The machine is awesome , I suggest you spend the extra money and get the remote. I would recommend this item anyone.

Bradley B.
United States United States

Great tool

Had a problem with the bottom roller coming loose. Contacted the customer service and they walked me through how to fix it and had a technician follow up with the fix as well. No other issues.

Barry L.
United States United States

No instructions

The lack of instructions on how to actually use the machine is very disappointing. I had to search online for information how to actually use all the settings. The manual really does not provide any details of using the machine. With the amount of money you pay, there should be information and instructions provided.

United States United States

Works great - after I spent a couple of hours fixing what QC missed

Just received my Lobster Pickle and took it out to the court. Very disappointed to find that the elevation control was not working. Did some research when I got home, and the Lobster website had a troubleshooting guide for this problem (kinda makes you think this is a common issue). After disassembling the unit, I found the problem to be a nut that holds the gear shaft was completely loose (and this is a nylon locking nut so not likely it worked it self loose during shipping). Tightened it up, put the machine back together and appears to be working now. Pretty disappointed in the quality control of the unit. Other than that appears to be working as advertised.